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I'm trying to figure out what they're expecting in the Web Macro variable field that states 'Enter a VB expression'

The VB expression I'm trying to put in there is to select the 1st day of the prior month as a date, like 11/1/2023. So it will select the correct month in the dropdown list.

I've tried some VB .NET and VB script but can't seem to find anything that works.

Or is there a way to select the 1st item in a dropdown list?

Thank you
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I'm trying to setup a web macro task to download a file from a website each month, there is a month year dropdown that I need to select the prior month from each month it runs, how do I select the prior month in the dropdown list?

I've created a MonthNameYear variable, {DATENOWADD(Months|-1|MMMM yyyy)}, which is returning the full month name and year.

Thank you
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