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florian oliveri

We have a problem running the SSIS package using the "Run SSISDB Package" task.

VisualCron displays the error result with no error message and error code 777777 on the task.
However, the SSIS package is in successful status on SQL Job Server. And all the tasks he accomplished are finished.

This problem appears randomly on all our packages, regarding the logs, it appears 1 in 200 executions.

The issue is causing a production blocking point, so do you have any idea what's causing this issue?

We used VisualCron 9.3.5, VS and SQL Server on the same machine.
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Joey S
it will almost always be a permissions issue or an unidentified close code issue. 7777 is a visualcron error and not one from SQL

when the ssis package completes it reports the result back to VC. The easy way would be to go into the errors tab and ignore the 77777 error code by setting the output/variable error handling to "Do not raise error" 77777 if error output
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