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The Diamond Z
Right now I can schedule a job to run at time T using the regional settings (e.g. run job X at 5pm).

I'd like to schedule a job using time T using a different timezone.

For Example, if my computer is set up in London I'd like to be able to express the following:

Run job X at 5pm EST/UTC -5 (New York)
Run job Y at 3pm CET/UTC +1 (Paris?)
Run job Z at 9am UTC + 9 (Tokyo)

Daylight saving offset should be worked out each day (e.g. sometimes New York is UTC +5, sometimes is UTC + 6).

This info might help 

This would be helpful for feeds where the provider says it will be available at 5pm local time and you've not in the same tz. Right now I build in an extra hour buffer to cover DST.
The Diamond Z
Even as a temp solution, just a drop down box that allows me to choose the timezone and does a one-time adjustment would be really helpful.
I'd like to see this feature too. We need to schedule a task for the same time every day in a timezone that has daylight saving, but the timezone our server is in doesn't have daylight saving. So to be able to schedule a time in the daylight saving zone would be most handy.
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