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I have setup a tesk with a specific event on a remote server as the trigger. At the polling time I get the following error:
A trigger was inactivated due to an error: Unhandled error in EventLog event: The object exporter specified was not found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070776)

The trigger is specified with the IP addrss of the remote machine as the computer name.
The Credentials supplier is Administrator@<ip address>

I am using VC 5.4.7

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Since we have fixed a bug in the event log Trigger I suggest you upgrade to version 5.5.5. If the problem persists - please get back to us.
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We upgraded our test server to 5.5.5 but things seemed to have got worse in that the Trigger on EventLog wont trigger at all even on the local server.

I created a test job to write a file.
Placed a Event trigger for the local server, no credentials. The trigger is for the Application log (Windows 2003 Server) for a specific event ID 609.
Polls every 10sec
Cleared the Event log
Stopped the VC Server
Bounced the VC service
Started the VC Server
Then I created the 609 event.

I wasn't sure if it was even polling.
So I changed the Crendentials and then got an error to inidcate that the local credentials was incorrect.

So it appears that the job does poll the event log but it does not recognise the trigger event.
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