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I have received a lot of help before on this channel and am hoping for another trick:
Ich have a Job-Chain, where everything starts with one Job.
Then two Jobs should follow starting parallel. Works fine.

The fourth Job then should start after Job 2 AND Job 3 have finished.

I tried Trigger, put both Job in there but Trigger does something like OR and so the fourth Job start after Job 2 OR Job 3 finished.

Condition didn't work for me either. I tried a condition on "Job-State = 0" and the condition executes immediately and is not even waiting for the Job to start.

How do you setup such a Job-Chain?

Kind regards,

I am just a user of VC and don't work there. I also haven't done what you are trying to do, but this is what I would do:

The problem with conditions is that it does not check the date of the output of a VC Job. So if the job last ran a week ago but it was succesful, the condition still sees that Job as succesful - I really should log that as a new feature.

Change Job 3 and add a final step that creates a trigger file in a specific directory
Create Job 4 with a Trigger of Job 2 completing
Then create a condition on Job 4 that looks for the trigger file from Job 3. If it is not there wait and then retry job.
Then add a final task in Job 4 that deletes the trigger file.

I hope this helps.
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