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I wanted to let you know about an issue that we keep running into with VisualCron. There are a number of people at our company who work with VisualCron. Since VisualCron was changed to create a new profile for each user, on several occasions the VisualCron server has been turned off inadvertently because the person bringing up VisualCron didn't know to configure it as both a server and a client, rather than as just a client.

Therefore, it would be extremely helpful for us if VisualCron could be changed so that the only time a user is prompted to select whether to configure VisualCron as both a client and a server, or as just a server, is when VisualCron is initially installed. That would prevent people from inadvertently turning off the server.

Basically, this is a request to return VisualCron to how it was a few versions ago, or at least provide that option, where once it was set up for one user, it was set up for all users.
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