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We use sql schemas extensively for our tables and SPs, the VisualCRON SQL task appears to be able to retrieve the list of SPs which are qualified by a schema, but it does not show the schema prefix in the dropdown. VisualCRON is also unable to execute the SP it has identified.

eg. we use the schema [AT] to prefix our airtime tables and SPs instead of the default [dbo] schema

and i am trying to execute the [AT].[ImportStock] SP which it lists as ImportStock;1 in the drop down (presumable the ;1 refers to the number of parameters the sp accepts.

The sql profiler shows the sp invoke as ..

exec ImportStock;1 N'CellC::32143452353654'

which causes the following output to be reported by VC

Error in task sql: Could not find stored procedure 'ImportStock'.

We can work around this with wrapper SP's, but it would be nice if this could be fixed.

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