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I have a situation I need to see how to accomplish in Visual Cron without having to set up a bunch of little jobs.

I am receiving two different types of files with the same prefix (GME_CMF and GME_CMF_ACK). the GME_CMF needs to be processed and the GME_CMF_ACK just needs to be copied to an archive folder. I want to set up a file trigger that will let me know when the GME_CMF file arrives so I can process it, but that is also picking up the GME_CMF_ACK files and I don't want to do that. How do I set up a trigger/watcher to pick up the GME_CMF file to process and also pick up the GME_CMF_ACK and move it to an archive folder.

You could use Conditions and especially the Variable Condition. However, it is easier to separate those into two Jobs instead. Then you don't need complex logic.
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