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I tried to export a Time Exceptions collection to C:\ and seemed to work and showed a confirmation box. But when I looked at C:\, there's nothing there.

Under 5.5.5 I had exported a Time Exceptions collection, and manually modified it to create a new collection (generating new GUIDs). But I cannot import it. Using import function, as soon as I try to open the folder containing my XML file, I get critical error and VC teminates (I previously reported this via error-reporting mechanism). This error occurs immediately, before I can choose a file to import. This only occurs if the folder contains my XML file (attached). Must be somthing wrng with my file, but I can't see what it could be.

Funny thing is that I can import the settings in version 5.5.9.
Read on:

I 1st tried to import the XML file as is (renamed the file to xml)
That gave me an error. (throug Import Settings)

2nd I put the xml file in a zip file.
I had no errors importing the file, but the exeption was empty. (throug Import Settings)

In the log file I can see the folowing:

5/18/2010 7:57:54 AM	Err	Error occured when importing settings, err: The zip end header signature could not be found in the zip file.
Zip file: F:\apps\VisualCron\tmp\8030da1b-1c51-47bb-91d9-ce6476cec356\VC-Settings.zip

When I looked at this file it was the xml file itself, renamed to VC-Settings.zip, so not an real zip file.

I deleted the tmp folder '8030....' and tried to import the zip file again.
Same result. Looks good, nothing in the time exception window though. And no errors in the log file this time. So the error was from my 1st attempt.

Then I saw an import export functionality within the time exception window. When I imported your file again (xml file) for the 3rth time, everything went fine. I can see your TCP Holidays in there with 13 entries. Looks fine to me.

So bottomline, I can import your file within the time exception window whithout an error.
When I try to import the file through the Import settings It will fail. It might be that it expects the whole settings set from the backup task.

To you 1st question:
I can export mine to the C:\ and the file is there. I can even import the file again.

Uses Visualcron since 2006.
Yes, the "Import Time exceptions" requires an uncompressed xml file while "Import settings" require a zip-file created by VisualCron (from Export settings or Backup settings).
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Erik, thanks for taking the time to look into this. I'm glad it works fine for you, wish it would work for me as I need to setup about 4 different collections that will all be nearly identical, and I am not looking forward to entering all 50+ by hand! I previously posted in the feature request forum the ability to clone within time exceptions window, which would be much easier and would avoid these problems I am having.

Any ideas why it doesn't work on my setup:
VisualCron service is running on 64-bit Win2008 server under a domain account that has local admin rights. Client running on laptop (via VPN) using my domain account.

FYI: I was using only to import/export functionality within the Time Exceptions window (not global settings import/export), and I was using an XML file, not txt (forced to add .txt extension in order to upload to forum).
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