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J Kruger

We would like to get an email notification using the Email Task if a file in a watched folder is not deleted after x number of seconds / minutes.

So somehow the folder needs to be monitored for file/s arrival (using file trigger?), files noted once in folder, and then an email sent to notify us if those files aren't deleted as per a copy task in another job.

Reason we need this is that occasionally part of a copy file task will fail (for any number of reasons) but isn't flagged as a failed job. So we need a way to get notified only if a file is still present in a folder and subfolders after x number of seconds or minutes.

Is this possible and if so, could you please tell me how to do this, ie. what settings to use because I've tried everything I can think of.

Thanks in advance,

You could implement a job using a file trigger that watches the directory and immediately upon start wait x number of seconds/minutes before going to the email portion that notifies if the file still exists. Attach a condition to the email task and only continue if the file(s) exist otherwise exit without sending the email. I'm not aware of a way to include the file names as part of the email body though.

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