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we have been using VisualCron since 2006 with no problems at all. Until now, when the client cannot connect to the service. The progress hangs when the client is getting jobs from the server (it stops on 18th job from 33).

I investigated what could be the problem and found out, that the jobs.xml file has grown up about 50MB last year. I suspect that this is due to saving data to <StandardOutput> element, but I cannot be sure as it is encoded.

In the present state I cannot modify/pause/... or view any jobs running on the server. As it is our production server we do not upgrade very often and the visualcron server's version is

What would be the steps to repair this condition?

Thanks for any answers.
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I found a solution, so I'd like to share it with anybody experiencing the same problem.

One of the scripts that was called by VisualCron was producing a lot of output (~10MB), that was stored in VisualCron's storage.

This state caused the inability to start VisualCron's client, as it was probably trying to parse this very big output to be able to display it. After removing problem with the script and waiting for it to be run automatically, the last output was stored and client started up normally.

I cannot now confirm that this is not an issue in newer versions.

thanks for the report. We recommend upgrading as we handle output very differently. We do no longer send full information at connect.

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