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I have set up two users (I'm still working with local client and server only. One user has full permissions over everything, the other has restricted permissions - including readonly permissions for client settings, server settings, and user permissions.

When I log on as the restricted permissions user, most of my permissions are in fact restricted - I can't add a new task, for example. But my user permissions are restricted in a very peculiar manner. I can't edit anyone else's permissions, but I can edit my own - and I can give myself any permissions I want. This seems very odd to me. Is this intentional, or is it a bug?

I suppose I can not allow read access to user permissions, but what I was really hoping was that there would be some way to let the user change his password without being able to change other user permissions settings.


This is a bug. The intention was that the user could update it's own password and other personal settings - not permissions. We will fix this for next version.

Thanks for the report.
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