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we have a problem with the mailing task. We use the mailing to send log files from our scripts that run in VC. The logs codepage is Unicode (UTF-16).
If we send the mails, we only recieve ISO 8859-1. Changing the codepage in mailingtasks encoding will have no effect on output from mail. The problem is, that we have characters in our logs which are not correct encoded in the mails like "äöüß" called "Umlaute". These characters are cut off the mail text. This problem is not a mail client problem, i made a network sniff to find that out, the mails are send via smtp and the "Umlaute" are cut off already if mail is send from VC.
We use textmails like "{FILE(Content,c:\log.txt)}" in the "Text-Tab".

Is there any way, to send mails in UTF-16?

Hi Jürgen,

I don't think the problem is the sending from VisualCron. The problem is rather the reading because that variable does not use UTF8 when reading. Try using the File read task instead and use the output of that Task in the mail. Keep UTF8 in both the File read and Email Task.
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Hi Hendrik,

thanks for your fast answer.
Your solution worked, but we had to chance the codepage for vb script to ibm850 and for cmd scripts to windows 1252 in both tasks (execute and file read) and all worked fine.

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