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I am attempting to set up a notification email that sends an email with the output for the previously run job as an attachment. I want to use the date tab to say, "Attach anything with a create date newer then when the job started" (ie, the current output).

I put this in the create date:
{JOB(c3547495-b512-4b13-bee3-5681f2b6cd8e|LastRun|M/d/yyyy h:mm tt)}

It displays properly but when I attempt to test this I get the message "Field 'Newer than' value is an invalid date." What am I missing?
My guess is that you are using a formatted date (a string) rather than a date variable. Try using Date/time ( {DATETIME()} ) instead of Date format ( {DATEFORMAT(M/d/yyyy h:mm tt)} )

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