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Since a few days I have the problem that we are not able to login. I get this error:


Login failed, reason: AD logon not allowed on this Server. Update server settings.

It's strange because all my users in VC are AD users. Sorry to say that there is no normal user so I am not able to login. I tried changing this setting in settings_server.xml: <AllowActiveDirectoryLogon>false</AllowActiveDirectoryLogon>. But then I get an even stranger error about AD.

The server log says:
17-11-2010 14:50:40 Err Logon error for AD user: 'jeroen' - unhandled AD error: Unknown error (0x80005000)
17-11-2010 14:50:40 Debug Compression set for user (df40269a-1c97-4952-bc5f-2af9d075013f)

Can anybody shine a light on this for me?
From a support email I understand that this was resolved.
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