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I'm having an issue launching a DTS package with 1 string parameter.
This DTS package extract some data to a flat file.
The package runs well using dtsrunui with this parameter asked and filled properly.
VisualCron launches the package but the package itself product no ouput file. VC doesn't show any error, and tells "success"
If I omit the string parameter, VisualCron launches the package, and there is an ouput file, with of course an unexpected result (an empty file with just 1 line as the header).
Could some one help me ?
Thanx a lot in advance.
I wonder if it is a permission error. Could you just try the following:

1. Disconnect Client
2. Stop the VisualCron 4 service
3. Goto the program files/VisualCron 4 folder. Run VisualCronService.exe
4. When an empty window has opened: Start the Client and and login
5. Try to run the Job with parameters
6. Still no file?
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