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I was just using a Sysinternals tool called ProcExp.exe to look at our system and when I looked at the VCTray.exe and the VisualCronService.exe - they both said that they were consuming 4,294,967,291 physical threads.

I checked a few of the other apps I have that are .NET based and are system level services and they show things like 8 threads, 10 threads, etc. I'm not sure why this is showing up as over 4billion.

Looking at VisualCronService.exe in Task Manager shows 28 threads - that sounds more likely.

I'm not having problems with anything, but just was wondering if anyone else was seeing the same thing or if it's just my machine.

The tool Process Explorer (ProcExp) is free from Microsoft (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx ). If others could check there systems and see if they're getting the same thing and let me know, I'd appreciate it.

When I use the process explorer my threads match to what I'm seeing in Task Manager for VisualCronService.exe (version is 4.6.9). I don't have VCTray.exe running on my system. What version are you using? Are you able to easily bounce the VisualCron service without affecting tasks/jobs? If so, try that and check again to see if it is still showing up as 4 billion.


That seems like a bug in Process Explorer. The value you are mentioning looks like a max value for some data type so it is probably some calculation error or default value which is being showed when the _real_ value can't be retrieved. Normally the service uses about 25-30 threads and client applications about 10 threads.

Your system would probably not work at all if it uses that many threads.
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