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Hey guys,

I have an execute command that runs a batch file that copies all of the files and folders from 1 folder in a server, to another folder in a different server, then it outputs everything to a log. The job it self works fine because i see the new stuff that it copied over, however visual cron tells me that it failed and it gives me these messages "Exception in Task: Non zero exit code" and under Result it says "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format."

Can you please tell me how to get these messages not to show up anymore since it is working? Thanks.
There might be some code that is not used or tested in your batch file. Also, some applications might return a non zero exit code even though the succeed.

I suggest you try to comment out code to see which line is causing it.

You could also go to the "On error" tab of the Task and choose to ignore errors.
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Here you can see the meaning of the error code.

System Error Codes 

This might help you solving your issue.

There might be a command in your batchfile returning this error code.

When I googled this error, I got a lot of hits telling there might be something with 64bit and 32bit OS.
Running an application designed for 32bit will run fine in an 32bit OS, but when the OS is 64bit, this error could popup.

Hope this helps.

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