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I have some jobs setup in VisualCron that are started by trigger files and that send e-mail notifications when they complete. The e-mail notifications have been setup to include error file attachments with a wildcard so that all of the files within a particular folder with the *.err file extension get sent. The notifications are being sent fine, but each time the e-mail is sent from VisualCron, the multiple copies of each .err file are being sent as attachments. For example, one particularly important job typically outputs five .err files into the proper folder, meaning that the e-mail should only contain five attachments. However, the e-mails that are sent contain the same five attachments five times, for a total of 25 attachments being sent. This has been happening for quite some time and I've done everything I know to fix it. I've upgraded VisualCron on all of our servers to the latest version hoping that this is a bug that would have been fixed, but it persists. The users are only bothered because it makes the e-mails much larger than they need to be and it fills up their modestly-sized Exchange inboxes.

Any insight or help into resolving this would be very much appreciated.
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