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I am a new user who is very impressed by the product. There are several points that are not clear in the documentation.
1) Do I need to install the client/Server install on every server that i want to be able to run jobs?
2) why can i not just install the server compnonent on a server?
3) What is the overhead etc. on a server of the VisualCron components?
4) does the version 5.7.4 support Windows 2008 R2?
5) What are the hardware requirements of the server to run VisualCron, i assume as not otherwise mentioned that you mean to imply that it is so small that all server configs are supported.
6) Is there an easy way to install multiple servers with the minimum components so that each can run jobs?
7) If i have say 20 servers that can run jobs and i want to make a configuration change to all the servers is there an easy way to do this?
8) Is there a way to see all the servers with VisualCron on a client in a single view?
Sorry for so many questions. Thanks
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I can attempt to answer a few...

For questions 1,2,7 - it would depend on what you are trying to do on those servers. For example: you can just install "the server" on one server and the jobs can connect to remote servers using credentials and restart services, ftp files and pretty much do anything. On your local PC you only need "the client" part to connect to the one server you have installed. Now, if you are trying to do something where "remote connection" is not supported then you may need to install additional "servers".

For questions 3 and 5 - not sure what the recommended settings are but we are running it on a 2.4Ghz, 4GB, windows 2003 virtual VMWare with no issues at all.

For question 6 - When you run the install exe, it has options for "server" and "client only". To be able to install as a "server" you need to select that. I am pretty sure there is no other way to intall less components (trim down version) for the server part.

For question 8 - Yes, to you can connect to multiple server instances from the same client session and they all show up on the same window with collapsable options.
Hi vanram,

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MatrixIII answered a lot of questions already (thanks), here is my reply:

1) A server is only necessary for a machine actually running the jobs/tasks. You can access this server with as much clients as you want. Each client can configure the jobs/tasks on the server. A client can access multiple servers, so you can configure multiple servers within one client. If you want several servers doing different jobs, than you need to install more server applications.
2) The setup won't allow you to do this. It's server+client or client only.
3) donno
4) I think it does
5) You can even run it on a standard desktop machine, but the more you want from VC, the more resource it needs.
6) There is a quiet installation, but it is not up to date, so you have to manually install the server applications.
7) You can connect to all the servers in one client, so you can change the settings for all the servers in one client. If you have some .NET knowledge, you could also use the API to make server changes.
8) You can connect to all the servers in one client.

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