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I have Servers running Visual Cron.
On one of these, jobs are only executed if the task is run in "foreground execution".
If I try to run it in "background execution" mode, the job starts but nothing happens.
The task simply executes a batchfile.

The same jobs work fine with its tasks "background execution" on the other server.

Any ideas?

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"nothing happens" might be simply that when using background execution the process actually starts but fails in doing what you expect it to do. For various reasons.

The reason why might depend on what the executable/batch file/script do. But here are some ideas:

1. if you try to redirect output by yourself (for example trying to pipe output into a special file in a script) you should try unchecking "Store std out" and "store std error".

2. there might be a need for specific permissions, local or remote. If you try to do something locally you should add a Credential to the Task using "With profile" option

3. if your scripts tries to read/write to a remote server you should use a Credential that has access to that server and try "Network credentials" option.

4. debugging also helps a lot, if you try to write to a local log file in your script from line to line you will see which line it fails on.
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