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After upgrading several of my clients to the latest release of Visual Cron I have noticed that the Tray application that loads on boot displays a red "X" on the icon placed in the system tray. It indicates that it cannot connect to the server. A few questions surrounding this:

What causes this? This did not occur initially after the upgrade. It started about one week after the upgrade.
The Server seems to be running and tasks/jobs complete.

Is the tray application necessary?

Can you tell Visual Cron not to display the tray icon so clients cannot play with it and cause other user issues?

Chris Satterfield
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Hi Chris,

Currently, the Tray Client is used for Foreground execution . Later, we will also add a Notification to the tray.

Initally, when logging in the red cross is displayed before connecting. Depending on how fast your computer startup it may take a while before it connects. It is hard to say what is causing it to not connect at all. I recommend installing the latest version as we have made changes to the earliest versions of the Tray client, regarding connecting/reconnecting. To further search for the cause we need you to zip the log files from the c:/program files/VisualCron 4/log/ folder. It is important that we get the files from the date of the latest login. Send the file to

Removing it is possible. It is a registry hack. We will add this as an option in the Client and Tray Client in a later version. But if it doesn't "disturb" I recommend keeping it as it is a part of the VisualCron functionality.
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