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Kind of a minor thing, but annoying.

When I clone a task or a job and then edit, I often will have stuff that I want to remove for the new copy. For example, conditions, triggers, notifications, etc. The thing is, notifications are defined globally. If I delete a notification when I'm editing a task, I assume it will delete the global notification object, or perhaps flash me a warning that it's being used by other tasks or jobs (I haven't tried this). On the other hand, triggers seem to be job-specific.

When I'm in the middle of editing my cloned job or task, I can't go up to the main window's menu and check to see if what I'm wanting to delete is a global object or a task- or job-specific object, and I can't save what changes I've made so far on the new job or task until it has reached a certain amount of done-ness (I get an error if the original had gotos in the OnError, for example, unless I've specified new goto tasks). So, all I can do is leave the undesired object there until I reach a point where I can save, then go to the menu and look, and then come back again and either delete it or just make it not active in this job or task.

What I would like to see is some sort of visual indication on the panel where you choose your triggers/conditions/notifications/whatever, that makes it easy to see whether or not these are global objects.


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