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We've got about 50 Jobs which are triggered by Time Triggers without any Problems.
We're using Custom and Interval Time triggers.

But, there are some Jobs which aren't triggered correctly. These Jobs should be triggered between 23:00 and 00:00 o'clock.

Next run values are always correct:
1st Job 23:00:01 (Custom)
2nd Job 23:05:00 (Interval)
3rd Job 23:52:00 (Interval)

But they are not triggered or are triggered to late. Yesterday SOME of them was trigger @ 00:42!!!)
We got
- no Conditions active
- no Time Exceptions active

We've already upgraded to newest version of visualcron with no effects 💤.

When we update these Triggers to another starttime (not between 23:00 and 00:00) there are no Problems...

We next try to clone and recreate jobs.

All Jobs where initially created on a VC4 System and imported to a 5.5.5 System. As told before we upgraded to 5.7.5 with no effect...

Any Idea, why this happen and what we have to keep in mind about?

It would be interesting to see both the settings file (if you could export and send them to us). Also, we would like to see a log file from the day it should have been run.

Please send the information to
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unfortunately i can't give the XML out, due to our Customers Promises 🙂.

We found out that are all Jobs are not triggered, so we think the Service have some Problems. We already created a Job which is fired every minute. Plus added a file Notification to that job. Result: VisualCron doesn't start any Job between ~23 o'clock and ~1 o'Clock. Second thing we found, that this Problem occours since we had a power blackout.

So what should we do, to fix this Problem. Reinstall?

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