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Hi VC team,

I don't know if it's a common use, but we are using Visual Cron on a Windows server machine to schedule our jobs instead of using the Windows Task Manager.

Unfortunately, we find some security issues when using VC like that:

1) We are using credentials to run the jobs. So, each VC user must have the "edit" right for the credential section (in order to update its own password).
Unfortunately, it seems in that case that any user is able to change the credential of other users. This would be great to link the credential to the VC user so he can only change its own values and not those of other users.
In the same way, if it is possible to block the use of crential which do not belong to your VS account (if not, every body can run job using the credential of someone else, that is not secure at all)

2) It would be great if, for task and jobs, we could set an option to decide if other users are allowed or not to change the task/jobs setting, rather than defining a global option for all tasks and jobs.

3) When we create some connections, the passwords appear (so anybody having access to this section can see all passwords for all connections)

That's all, and thank you again for the great job that make Visual Cron the best job scheduler I ever used
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Just a quick note on 1). It is possible, if you turn of Edit mode for User permissions, that the user still can change his/her password.
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