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I have a process that runs server-side. It was written with a visual interface however it does not require any user interaction and will close on its own.

I am having trouble getting it to run in the following way:

Background Execution with or without run in hidden window, does not seem to run at all. The job says its running and runs indefinitely however no evidence that the program has executed at all.

Foreground execution runs on the open session with or without run in hidden window. However only runs if there is an open terminal session. If no one is connected via terminal services it will not run and I get the error: could not find the specified connection for foreground execution.

I have not specified any specific session, I have specified use any session.


Thanks for the help.
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Hi All,

Just a follow-up as I believe I found something that works. I hardcoded to session 0 and provided console credentials. This seems to work independant of terminal sessions. Any feedback on pitfalls of this method would be kindly appreciated. Thanks Again!
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