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Hi guys,

I've set up a task for a job that is supposed to download all files from an SFTP server with the name RawAudio*.bin to a windows directory.

The problem we're having is that most of the files are in the format
RawAudio_yyyymmdd:hhmmss.###_#_###.bin such as RawAudio_20111219:143154.545_1_752.bin

When it tries to download the files, it gives the error "The given path's format is not supported." I realized that a colon in the filename is not supported in windows, so it is unable to download the file directly to windows with that name.

I'd like to do one of the following, but I can't find a way how.
1. Rename the files on the FTP before they're transferred. They must have the date/time that are in the filenames, or the file creation date/time. I don't see any way to rename multiple files using a mask or variables.
2. Remove the colon from the filenames before or during transfer. Again, I don't see a way to rename the destination files using a mask or variable in the download task.

Is there a way to do this, or some other workaround, with visualcron that I missed?

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There is no method for this in VisualCron unless you use the FTP->Rename first. But I guess you do not know the name.

What you can do is to create character mapping in Windows described here: 
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