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I'm creating a simple job to compare the date of a record in a sql database to the date of a file on a lan drive.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do the actual set and compare portion of the job with regards to variables. (1 variable representing DB datetime, one representing File datetime).

When I "set" the value of a variable, if I use the variable key, it literally gets set to the key and not the value of the variable.

For example, if I create a set variable task, and i choose my custom variable, and add the variable key to the DB DateTimestamp variable to the "Value" box: {TASK(14c67f43-f652-4b9f-a61a-49fe1b856171,StdOut)}

Then my custom variable gets set literally to "{TASK(14c67f43-f652-4b9f-a61a-49fe1b856171,StdOut)}" and not the value of that variable.

I assume once my variables are set, I should be able to compare them to each other as well usinga condition.

Probably something really simple, but any help appreciated.


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Values are "translated"/evaluated at run time. In the interface you will always see the key. Is not the correct value inserted?
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For example.
Task 1: queries a db table. The output of this task is a value from the table, such as ABC.
Task 2: an email task with a condition.
Condition: Does contents of file contain value from database?

Condition Type: File
File Content Radio button is selected.
Drop down set to "contains"
In the text box to the right of "contains" I have {TASK(9a2ae9a9-7df0-4581-b7f6-bfd74d0ec065,StdOut)} which points to the output value of the sql query in step 1.

But it does not seem to evalute this properly.

Am I going about this all wrong, or am I missing a piece of syntax somewhere?

That should work. You can edit the Condition set and check "Debugging" in it and when running the Job you will see more information in the realtime log what happens..
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