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I have two jobs, one job needs monitoring to check it doesn't run too long.

so I have a second job, that has two tasks, the first task waits 14 minutes, then the second task has a condition that the first job is still running, if so then it sends an email to inform users.

The second job seems to be ignoring the wait task and going straight to sending the email. Is there a bug with using the wait task?
hi andymcadam,

I'm not aware of a wait time bug. What version are you using?

You could also use the timeout on a task. If the timeout is reached the task will fail and you can have an error notification on the task / job which is sending an e-mail.

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Hi Erik, thanks for the suggestion. However I do not want the job to stop running, I just want to be notified if it's running longer than expected. I have alos noticed that even if I amend the email task to send to different email addresses, it doesn't change and still sends to the original addresses.
I don't know if this might help you, but I was having similar issues with my machine. It turned out that the service was rebooted but not the client, that was running on the same server. I ended up rebooting the server and restarted the client and the quirkiness went away.
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