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I have checked the following two check boxes.
"Do not run the job if its running"
"Put Job in queue"

I see the first one running.
How do I identify the ones in the Job Queue?
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Could you explain more about "identifying"? There is no visible list of items in the queue.
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By the word Identifying meaning, I was looking for some kind of
GUI-Front end screen showing me the list of Jobs in queue for
particuler job when I click a button say "Queue Jobs".
Looks like from your response, that feature was not available, right?
If it was not available, can you add it to your enhancement request?

Thank You in Advance
Right, it is posted in Feature requests forum so this request is right where it is supposed to be. Thank you for the feedback!
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Has any progress been made on this feature. I'm looking for a way to determine the triggers that have fired in the job queue. I have lots of triggers firing very close together and this builds up a rather large queue. It sometimes seems to not run all of the times that it should, but I don't have a way to see if the trigger never fired or it got dropped somehow or if there is a maximum size on the queue. This would also be helpful so if I needed to kill one of the triggered runs because I had a more important one come in behind it I might be able to reprioritize.
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