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I have set up a program that goes out to a website and downloads a file. The problem I seem to be having is I cannot get the send keys task to download the file. The file download box pops up and when I try to use "%s" it doesn't bring up the prompt to save the file to a location on the machine. I have tried using "{TAB}{TAB}~" as well however that doesn't seem to work either. If I just use "~" the file download box goes away (assuming it is hitting the cancel button). The keystrokes "{TAB}~" bring up the internet explorer help (this is the "What's the risk?" link on the file download box).

I used the arrow button to highlight the window when I created the "Send Keys" task so it should be looking at the correct window. Any thoughts? Is there something else that I am missing?

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For this kind of complex Task you should use the Desktop Macro task instead.
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You are right that was much easier and worked just fine. Thank you for your help!
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