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Hi. I am evaluating VisualCron and am trying to confirm if the following can be done:
  1. Admin creates 2 groups of jobs named "Project A" and "Project B"
    Admin creates 2 rights groups also named "Users A" and "Users B".
    Admin assigns the 'permissions' on Project A jobs to ONLY be admins and Project A
    Admin assigns the 'permissions' on Project B jobs to ONLY be admins and Project B.

When I configured this, the 'edit/delete' security worked, but I was able to create jobs and put them in the "B" group. Also, because I had the right to 'manage' credentials" I was abe to create users and give them admin, even though I didn't have admin myself.

Does this sound correct? Our goal is to have these visualcron server(s) configured so that each project's staff can only do things to their own job group and own users.

I've attached screenshots. It almost looks like there is no "Group" of job security? And there is no sub-security to allow a user to create users for just their jobs/group.

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Groups is on Jobs are not related to security. Group name on a Job is just a property on a Job. The Job that have same group names are grouped together.

User groups can however be overriden at Job level.
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OK..that definitely answers the questions. I would like to propose an future enhancement to make a 'group' object that security can be applied to. I'm not sure the tool at present would support our security requirements.

thanks for your help.
I would second that enhancement request. Setting permissions at the Job level is a fantastic feature, but the effort to update hundreds of individual jobs' permissions is daunting at best. The ability to set permissions at the Group level would save hours of work.
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