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I have a file trigger that kicks off when a file is created...however sometimes many files can be dropped in at once or even within 10 seconds...the problem is the job is running as soon as the first file is there a way to delay the whole job and just run it once based on a specific delay time...say once the first file hits i give it 10 seconds until it kicks of the rest of the job.
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You have the "Put Job in queue" option in main settings of Task that always should be used when working with File Triggers. This lets files be processed on at a time in a controlled manner.
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Hi klewis10367,

What you can do is using a custom int variable.
The 1st task is adding 1 to the value of this variable.
The next task has a condition bound to it to check the variable containing value of 5.
If so, continue, else exit job.

The rest of your tasks you can do all the things you need to do.

The last task is resetting the variable back to 0.

Now each 5 triggers will run the rest of your job.

You can also use a wait of 10 seconds as the 1st task

And as support mentioned, put your job in queue mode.

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Thanks..taking it out of Job Queue and waiting 20 Seconds on the first task works for me. The reason i do not want to use the job queue is because i just need to get the files pulled from an FTP to a directory but have an SSIS File loop package that actually processes each file at a time..therefore maximizing the process...instead of running one file and the whole job over and over again.
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