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I've a vServer from a server hoster ( I installed Visual Cron-Server on it and activated AD Logon. I also added via "user permission" a logon.

After that, I installed Visual Cron-Client on my local machine (which does not use the AD Logon, the AD is only for the tools on the vServer). I added the server and switch the auth type to "AD Logon". When connection I get prompted, so I entered my AD Logon (which works well with other tools), but VC keeps telling me, that the user does not exist.

I read in the logfile of VC, that it tries to authenticate the user name my local PC have (which is different from the on in active directory) and not the one I entered when getting prompted.

How to solve this? (I know I can create a local login, but I want to do this with AD)
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The user needs to be an AD user and located in the same network - otherwise we cannot confirm AD user. (i.e. you cannot just say that you are user X your really have to be user 😵.
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  •  Raubi
  • Free support Topic Starter
Oh okay. I thought I can just provide username and password and it will work. So I have to create some accounts for it.
Hi Raubi,

Yes, you 1st need to create he AD accounts in VC.
VC needs to know the rights of the user. (view/admin/custom)


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