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First time post, please be gentle if this has been discussed in the past.

We have been having many issues with activating licenses on our servers. Awhile back my company purchased and was provided with a set number of activation licenses. When we attempt to activate those licenses we sometimes notice that the activation process goes through, but one we reboot the server the license reverts back to a trial license. I should add that we build our servers off of a pre-configured image (ESXi VM). That image has a trial version of visual cron installed and configured the way that we need it to work. When we put that image on the host we deactivate the trial license and activate the paid license. To get this to stick I've had to do the following:

1) Log onto appliance as administrator
2) Open up visualcron and deactivate the trial license
3) Wait to receive the pop up message that the license has been deactivated
4) Close out of visualcron
5) Stop the visualcron service
6) Delete the license.xml file
7) wait 24 hours before proceeding. If we just rebooted, and applied the new license, it would hold onto the trial license no matter how many times we would apply the new one. We believe that there is some sort of job that runs on the visualcron end overnight that adds/deletes listings in their database.
8) Reboot the server
9) Open up visualcron and apply an available license
10) Wait 24 hours
11) Reboot the server
12) Open visualcron and choose the “copy activation license to clipboard” to confirm that the correct license is still in place

In theory, shouldn't I be able to simply deactivate the trial and activate the correct? Why hasn't that worked for us?
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I am not sure what VMWare does in the background here but license is locked down to hardware so it seems like some kind of hardware change is done after rebooting the server. It would be interesting to see what change is made.

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