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I'm using a VisualCron server connection that I've made - and that I've recreated/changed over a few attempts - to connect to our SFTP server. It should just be working like a normal SFTP; we use Ipswitch's WS_FTP client to connect without any problem. The log data from the Information Window of the the WS_FTP client, which is working, is pasted below, with 192.168.x.y in place of server address...)

I can use this connection when I go to the Explorer window for VisualCron Connections, and I can correctly see the FTP directory's contents. I can upload and download the test file in this context.

However, when I do this in the context of a task (e.g., uploading a file) I get the error: Connection lost (error code is 10054).

I've been using both local and network locations for the source of the file to upload, neither has made a difference when running the task.

Please feel free to provide any relevant information, but know that I've read the Multi-part upload post on the VisualCron forum (here: http://www.visualcron.co....aspx?g=posts&t=2783 ) and didn't find anything of value.


(Connection's) Main Settings:
+Protocol Type: SFTP (SSH - Secure Shell)
+Name: JustAName
+Address: (same as below log)
+Port: 22 (which should be correct, check log below)
+Timeout: 60
+Use SSH V2 (is only checked option)
+Auth type: Password
+Username: <correct>
+Password: <correct>
Proxy (none)
Extra Settings (just Auto adjust transfer block was checked)
Log: (both log traffics goign to task output)

SSH Logs
Finding Host <our address> ...
Connecting to 192.168.x.y:22
Connected to 192.168.x.y:22 in 0.000000 seconds, Waiting for Server Response
Server Welcome: SSH-2.0-SSHD
Client Version: SSH-2.0-WS_FTP-12.3-0
RSA Signature Verified
Session Keys Created
Ciphers Created
New Client->Server ciphers in place.
New Client->Server ciphers in place.
Completed SSH Key Exchange. New Keys in place.
Trying authentication method: "password"
User Authenticated OK!
Completed SSH User Authentication.
Started subsystem "sftp" on channel 0760a2ce
SFTP Protocol Version 3 OK
sftp protocol initialized
Changing remote directory to "/"
Getting Dirlistingtransferred 320 bytes in 0.016 seconds, 164.108 kbps ( 20.513 kBps), transfer succeeded.
Unexpected message 98 (SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST) from server
Received channel close/eof(0x61) message for channel 0760a2ce
It sounds like the destination path is wrong in some way which causes the error. Try turning on Extended debugging in Server settings. Then upload, after that, please send the log_serverDATE.txt file from the log folder to support@visualcron.com
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