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I would really like to uncheck the "Put file in queue" so that more than files can be processed at a time and then inserted into a database and then moved to an archive folder. The recommendation is to process the files one at a time.

Since the feature is available, I would like to use it, what is the down side OR in what situations only one file should be processed at a time.
The main problem is that once a file is Trigggered the Job starts. Then the "LastTrigger" Variable will refer to the last file. If Put Job in queue was not used then theoretically we will get sync problems because many files processed at the same time. This means that the "LastTrigger" Variable could refer to another file some milliseconds later.
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Thanks for the clarification.

Considering the case when several files triggers fire at almost the same time and the last trigger information may not be reliable, then is it possible that one or more of the triggers do not get serviced by a job at all OR do all files/triggers get serviced even though that may happen out of order.
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