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Axel F
Hi VCron Team ,

I need help with an Task.

I download Files with an Task from FTP .

Now i would like to log what i`ve downloaded in an Email Notification.

Over the Email Notification in this Task i have the possibility to create an Variable Named {TASK(myTaskID,Result.DownloadedFiles)} in the Body in Case of Success.

But it doesnt work . The EMail is empty.

I dont know what i did wrong .

Any Help would be nice .

regards Axel

Forum information
It could be:

1. no files were downloaded at that moment
2. you are using the Start Notification instead of Complete Notification


you could use:

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Axel F
Thx a Fault.

Green is not my colour. I've used Start notification. 😊

regards Axel
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