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We have just updated our VisualCron to version 6 from version 5. As part of the upgrade, we are putting all of our scripts on a new hard drive, E:\. Is there a fairly straight forward way of finding all references to C:\ and changing them to E:\? I found and updated the XML files in the Program Files\Settings folder, however this did not update VisulCron. I also tried to import these updatd files into VisualCron without success. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.
I guess I should have done some additional experimentation before I posted this. It turns out that the xml files I was trying to import had different names than the files in the Settings folder. Once I updated the file names, everything imported fine. Thanks.
Great, thanks for the update. Important to mention is that you have to stop the Server if you edit current files but I guess you already did that unless you just used the import.
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