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We typically have all of our jobs execute a console exe. In that console exe, it runs code, then modifies a sql record indicating a success or failure and then exits gracefully. How do I return a true/false back to visual cron so it knows that my job failed/succeeded based on code, not the exe exit code? Is that even possible. What I really want to do is be able to pass back to visual cron a custom exit code to indicate certain things. I also want to know if there is a way to just do a notify when a job takes to long instead of killing it.

VisualCron captures output. So, if you write with Console.Write() that part will be captured. Then you can use the VisualCron Condition to match the output string against a value and perform different actions depending on that.

There is a timeout property on a Job which you can use. It is the Timeout tab of the Job. If you check "Consider timeout as error" you can use a Notification to email you or similar if it has failed.
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