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I'm trying to get users from the Active Directory, and the users last logon time.

I have tried using the task "Get AD Object property" with both the property name "lastLogon" and "lastLogonTimeStamp" but I get the output "System._ComObject" wich is not useful to me.

Is it possible to do this with the "Get AD Object property" task or do I have to do it in powershell?


I'll have to defer to Henrik, but I think you are correct about it not being able to pull that information for some reason.

I can pull back the 'Name' property for anything I choose, but LastLogonDate is not available when selecting a User Object (My ID specifically).

I know I can get this via PowerShell but I guess I'm curious why specific properties are not available.

Henrik, I know the code being used is .NET which i'm not extremely familiar with, but is there an option like in PowerShell to return 'more' properties than a standard 'Get-ADuser' returns?

In Powershell, I'd type the following and LastLogonDate would not be returned:

get-aduser USERNAME

However, if I type this, I get a TON more data back which does include the LastLogonDate

get-aduser USERNAME -Properties *

Or I could specifically request one additonal property:

get-aduser USERNAME -Properties LastLogonDate
I have no answer at the moment because we are missing an environment here to test with but perhaps we can do more debugging for next version but I hope you can workaround this with Powershell so far (thanks Brian).
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I solved it with powershell. So I'm happy.

Best regards

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