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Is there anyway in Visual Cron to email an Internet Shortcut Link? We have a reporting solution that saves an Internet Shortcut Link to a Folder on our network, so when clicked it opens up a financial report that is web based. When i try to send that link as an attachment it just puts the name of the IE Shortcut Link without the ability to click and open it.
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Might be something with content type - not sure. Why can't you just create a normal HTML link?
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What sort of file is it? Whats the file extension.

I have tried both the newer Filename.URL extension as well as the older Filename.lnk extension, both pointing to websites. With the exception of my Outlook client blocking access to the URL file (security feature), both files made it to my inbox without issue. The one I could actually test, the .lnk file, launched IE just fine.

Could you maybe send a few screenshots? One showing the e-mail you receive with an unusable attachment, another showing the properties of the shortcut file in the folder, and maybe another showing your attachment settings in VisualCron?

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