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Hi Support,

I have an interesting problem which I hope you can find a solution to.

I have one job that has the following task
Upload Task 1. Upload files from a particular source folder into the FTP area.
Move Task 2. Move files from a particular folder to a completed folder.

The problem I have is as follows.
One file arrives which the Upload Task 1 is processing, then another file arrives while Task 1 is processing.
Task 2 then also moves that file, how can I provide a list of files that were uploaded which should be moved. Otherwises we have files that have NOT been uploaded to FTP which are moved to the completed area.


Not sure I understand. But let say you create a file trigger for watching for new files it will process one file at a time and you can add a 3rd Task, for example a File write Task, that writes the uploaded file name or path to a file.
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Its fine I found the solution by putting the following in the Include file mask for the Copy task.

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