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It's probably very simple, but from the documentation it's not clear to me:

I have a sftp job that is launched using a file trigger -- i.e. when a user drops a file in the monitored directory (e.g. "\outgoing") it is uploaded to a business partner's sftp site.

I would like to add a task to the job such that whenever a new file is detected in the \outgoing directory and uploaded successfully to the remote ftp server the local file will be copied to an archive directory and deleted from the local "\outgoing" staging directory.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Warm regards,

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I figured it out using status code = 0 condition from previous step, file and path variables. Added two additional steps.

step one is activated by a file trigger and uploads the file

step two is activated upon step 1 return code of 0 and copies the file to an archive directory

step three is activated upon step 2 return code of 0 and deletes the file from the original local directory.


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