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I'm wondering if the Variable screen could be expanded to allow for custom functions (say in .NET) to be created.

This would be truly powerful as I could write snippets of code that do useful operations then access them from the variable editor.

The main function I want to make is a parse string function. That would allow me to easily take the standard output of a SQL query (for example), and do something like so:


To return the 2nd value in the source string separated by the , character. Or another example:

{STRING(Parse|1111 222 33|\t|3)}

Return 3 where the string is tab delimited.

Parse would be an extremely useful string tool in itself, but I'm requesting something even more powerful in custom functions. If you could figure out a way to add snippets of .net code (or another language) and turn those into functions that can be re-usable, that'd be great.

I'm aware I can use the .NET code execute task to perform some of this, but that's not as useful as having it directly accessible in the variable functions.

Please consider this feature to be added to VisualCron in the near future. If custom is dreaming too big, I'd settle for just parse!
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A nice idea. I am not sure if that is what you are looking for but the latest beta have this function:


It allows you to pick a certain column in a rowset based on rowNumber, colNumber and column separator (in this case comma).
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