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We have about 20 Execute SSIS Package tasks that have a common variable in each of them. What I wanted to do is use the Job Variable on the job and pass them through to each of the tasks under that job. Is this a possibility and if so how does one have them talk to each other?

The variables are strings that would be updated periodically before the job is run and are in the format of 2013/04, 113001, etc depending ont he variable. Very novice when it comes to trying to get the variables entered in through Visual cron so any help is appreciated.

I am using version 7.07 (just upgraded tfrom 6.1.7 but saw job variables).

Couldn't see a walk through for using variables with Execute SSIS Package.

Goal is to enter the variable at the job level so it can be sent through to the 20 tasks.


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Hi Mike,

you should use User Variables which are global - compared to Job Variables.
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