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I have defined a few job variables with values that I would like to reference in a windows shell script.

For eg. I've defined a variable called Rpt_Template Value: c:\temp\ExcelTemplate.xlsm

I have a shell script that I would like to kick off from a job task. I would like to reference the above job variable in my shell:

C:\test\GenExcelRpt -Template {JOB(Active,Variable,Rpt_Template)}

Can I do this? If not, how can I reference job variable in my windows shell script?

currently, you need to paste the VisualCron Variables into the script. If the script is not defined in VisualCron but external file you need to download the latest beta for it to work: 
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Thanks Henrik.

I'm actually looking to use Job Variables in a Windows Batch file using the "Execute" Task Type. My client is planning to move all their jobs from a different scheduler to Visual Cron and has most of their jobs in batch files.

Currently they reference job variables inside their batch files.

Is it possible to write batch commands referencing job variables?
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