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I have a Windows 2008 Server where VisualCron Server Installed. I have a Windows XP machine where two applications are running. The applications are foreground applications and those are C:\Program Files\app1.exe and C:\Program Files\app2.exe. Both applications should run in foreground.

I am trying to setup a VCRON job which should monitor both processes (app1.exe and app2.exe) and If the processes are not running, those should be executed.

I guess I can create a job with a condition to monitor both processes and a Execute task if the processes are not running. But my confusion is how to make sure both processes run in foreground session of a Windows XP logged in user. I want to make sure the application windows open.

I tried VisualCron help and it seems I can achieve this by using Foreground execution mode and Visual Cron Tray Client. I want to know where the Tray Client should be running. In Windows 2008 Visual Cron Server? or I should install Tray Client in Windows XP (where the applications are running)???

Can someone help me with step by step.
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Here are the steps:

1. To allow foreground execution on remote computer you need to install VisualCron there too first. In this case, if there is only one computer, then I would create the Jobs on this server too.
2. create a Job 1
3. add a trigger that checks for process app1.exe on server (termination)
4. create an Execute Task and set the "Execution context" on main settings to Foreground
5. repeat 2-4 for second process

Alternatively you can install VisualCron both on the "main" server and "remote computer". Perform step 2-5 but on step 3. you check remote server processes and step 4. you set a remote VisualCron server in "Execution context"
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