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Steve Fisher
I'm doing my first client connection to a VC 4.9.40 server. Normally, I log on to the server, which is in my domain, using Terminal Services and entering servername (or IP address), then entering my user ID and password. I've tried a variety of combinations from my VC 4.9.40 client, but I always seem to get the message above. In Manage Servers I have tried: Server - servername or IP address, Port - always 16444, Username: domainname\userID or userID, and Password: password. These settings all work when I remote into the server, but give the message above from VC. Our network people assure me that port 16444 is open.
Steve Fisher
My bad... I didn't realize that I had to add a user in User Permissions on the VisualCron server. I'm up and running. Please ignore my previous post.
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