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Current VC version: 6.2.2 (looking to move to VC 7 soon).

I am fairly new to VisualCron (only been using it for about 6 months). Most of the jobs I have created are dependent on each other, so the jobs are configured with event triggers. I have worked with previous scheduling software before (albeit on a completely different platform) and wanted to suggest some possible feature improvements.

•Would it be possible to introduce a panel or tab where you can view all linked successor/predecessor jobs (if linked via a VisualCron event trigger)?

•The ability to link VisualCron jobs (event triggers) at certain times of the week/month (i.e. VC job B executes Monday – Fri (kicked off by an event trigger - VC job A). I want to add another event trigger to VC job B (call it VC job C) that only exist on a Monday. So on a Monday (and only a Monday) VC job B waits for the successful execution of both VC job A and C. I hope that makes sense..

•The ability to add a list of mutually exclusive jobs. If two jobs in that list run against each other at the same time, the second job (i.e. the one that kicks off last) waits for the first job to finish before executing.

Apologies if some of these features already exist (or exist in a future releases) and I just haven't found them.

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